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Understanding Sick Leave: What Employers Need to Know

Sick Leave Act 2022: Key Details

Under the Sick Leave Act 2022, employees are entitled to receive a minimum of 70% of their daily salary, up to a maximum of €110, for up to 5 days of certified sick leave. This entitlement has recently been expanded to provide for 5 days as of 1st of January 2024, with further increases planned for subsequent years, reaching a maximum of 10 days in 2026.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers need to ensure their policies are aligned with these legal requirements. It’s crucial to review existing policies and contracts to ensure compliance.

Case Study: A Lesson in Compliance

North Quay Associates Ltd, a staffing agency at Dublin Port, was found to be in breach of the Sick Leave Act 2022 by failing to pay an employee, Michael Broderick, the entitled pay for three days in July 2023.

Mr. Broderick’s complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) resulted in a ruling that North Quay Associates Ltd pay him €450 in compensation for the missed sick leave pay.

While Mr Broderick is the first worker to succeed in a statutory complaint under the legislation, the employment tribunal has rejected three other complaints by workers to date.

This case underscores the necessity for employers to fully understand and implement the legislation to avoid potential breaches and penalties.

Navigating Sick Leave: How Voltedge Management Can Help

It’s essential to ensure your policies are up to date and compliant to avoid legal issues and protect the rights of your employees. If you require assistance in navigating these new regulations, especially in scenarios involving casual labour or part-time staff, contact us at or 01 525 2914.

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