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Joyce and Fredericka

Fredericka Sheppard and
Joyce Rigby-Jones

Hello, we’re the Voltedge founders and principal partners, Fredericka Sheppard and Joyce Rigby-Jones. Together with our wider, specialised team, we dedicate ourselves to giving you the HR professionalism, expertise and strategic thinking that helps you and your team compete with the best.

We’ve worked in small, start-up companies as well as larger multinationals. Since 2011, when we founded Voltedge, we’ve been operating as an outsourced HR partner to a large and varied portfolio of clients. Our experience gained over the years from working with multi-disciplinary teams across all sectors has helped us gain a deep insight and practical techniques in managing people. To create workplaces that enable people to thrive and perform at their best is the vital HR ingredient we bring to our relationships with our clients.

Our team

Our team of associates and external consultants has broad and specific expertise in every aspect of people management and support. We hand-pick colleagues to collaborate on each project according to your individual needs.

Many companies with huge potential struggle, lacking the specific experience needed for a wide range of people issues, big and small. Growth may be impeded and opportunities can be missed when your people are not working effectively. Start-ups can flourish or struggle on the merit of their HR function.

Every business is unique; so are our approaches

Like an architect, we design and create an environment that helps your people to flourish. What distinguishes us from many of the other HR consultancies is our strategic thinking and practical application in managing people. We take the time to really get to know you, your business and where you want to take it. We specialise in humanising the formality of HR management

We work with you to gain a deep understand of your business ambitions so that we can create the structure needed to make that a reality. Every recommendation we make is customised so your foundations, planning and culture work in rhythm to attract and retain the best talent within your team.

Engaged workforces deliver your vision

Whether you’re a start-up, multinational or an SME, managing your people is the critical piece you need to get right. Leaders who have reached great heights recognise that their success wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent teams around them.

You may be recognised for your innovative product or outstanding service, but it will be your people who make delivering that into the marketplace a reality. Creating a sustainable business is reliant on having the right people in the right places at the right times. We understand that for smaller, ambitious companies, having the HR expertise on your team from the outset is not always possible.

While a business is growing, its HR planning may need external HR services until it matures and is ready to hire inhouse expertise. That’s where Voltedge Management makes a difference. We partner with you, designing and implementing the essential HR practices in an environment that allows your distinctive culture to thrive, and provide the support and coaching for leaders to scale and grow the business.

Strategic planning, whether you’re starting, scaling or dominating

That’s where our distinct enabler lies. Whatever your size, we want to guide you on the fundamentals in HR structures and strategy to move forward with your commercial vision. We help you to prepare and plan the best HR structure and outcomes at every stage of growth and development with affordable, outsourced services as you need them.

We plan for your future of work

The ‘FUTURE OF WORK’ is here. We keep pace with leading-edge thinking on an evolving workplace landscape: how hybrid teams will change business practices, what employees of the future will need for wellbeing and engagement, leadership through change and a myriad of nuanced adaptations. Our consultants can skilfully guide you through new approaches, risk assessment and resource planning for a virtual or blended environment.

We plan for your future
Trusted Professional relationships

Trusted, professional relationships

We’ve gained substantive experience and wisdom with companies of all sizes and in many sectors, from tech start-ups to medium sized SMEs to global organisations. As an external, trusted partner, working on highly sensitive elements of your business, we’re deeply passionate about making a difference to your journey.

Call us to talk about how we can help you.


If you have a question or would like to get in touch, please contact us on +353 (0)1 525 2914

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“To prevent the spread of COVID within our workplace, Voltedge provided a dedicated expert who worked with the management team to develop a comprehensive plan and supporting procedures, including the necessary training and worker representative support. This provided us security that we have taken all the steps required to prevent the spread of the virus within our workplace.

Our parent company recognised our plan as “Best Practice”. We would highly recommend engaging their help.”

John Dunne,Finance and Accounting Director at NTRON

“Voltedge was our HR support to set up Deem’s Irish operations. Their team partnered with us throughout establishing our entity and as we continued to grow.From recruitment, office location, local employment law advice, policies, handbooks, to everything in between. Voltedge provided personalised experience via dedicated HR personnel.

I would recommend Voltedge to anyone who wants trusted advice and not off the shelf answer, but guidance based on research and examples catered to your requirements and circumstances.”

Ashutosh Saxena, Director of Engineering and Ireland Operations, Deem Inc.

“During a recent business-critical restructuring process project, we identified the need for external HR Expertise in Dublin. Voltedge provided a team of professionals who led a project collaborating with our UK team and other stakeholders locally to deliver an excellent standard of work on time and within budget.

The assigned consultant was highly skilled, and her experience was invaluable, ensuring a positive outcome for our project. We would be delighted to work with Voltedge again in the future.”

Amanda Roche Kelly,Managing Director Ireland, Just Eat