People power your business. We help them to flourish.


Our highest ideals are to position you with ongoing practices that sustain harmony and support you to achieve your greatest potential in a lean, cost-effective way. We offer consultants for specific projects, long-term, retained agreements or short-term, one-off work.

All our associates meet strict Voltedge criteria—CIPD accredited, with deep sector-specific experience and an ethical, engaging approach.

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Our team of consultants are experts at supporting new businesses through each phase.

Fredericka Sheppard

Fredericka Sheppard

Joint Managing Director

Motivated and energised by making a real difference to the companies we work with,  giving them access to an expert HR team – we design and create great workplaces!
In three words – optimistic, imaginative and trusting.

Joyce Rigby Jones

Joyce Rigby Jones

Joint Managing Director

Love working with our super team and associates, driving innovative and best practice solutions for our amazing clients in Ireland and abroad.
In three words – inquisitive, passionate and professional.
Liz O'Donovan

Liz O’Donovan

Senior HR Business Consultant

Always up for a challenge. Finder and creator of realistic, workable HR solutions for clients big and small.
In three words – practical, pragmatic and energetic.
Ingrid O'Sullivan

Ingrid O’Sullivan

Operations Manager

Chief multi-tasker and owner of all things operational from the development of this fabulous new website to ensuring our clients get their invoices on time.
In three words – creative, responsive, busy.
Laura Banfield

Laura Banfield

Senior HR Consultant

Passionate about partnering with and learning about all types of organisations. I like to help companies with practical solutions – no challenge is insurmountable!
In three words – motivated, adaptable, genuine.
Eoghan Harley

Eoghan Harley

HR Executive

Ambitious, energetic and dependable young professional with a passion for success. Enjoys working with unique organisations and contributing to their development.
In three words – compassionate, focused, forward-thinking.

Susan Heather

Susan Heather

HR Consultant

Supporting people and organisations to solve problems and create value. Passionate about making connections and understanding people’s needs to find solutions.
In three words – dependable, proactive & empathetic.

Elizabeth Coleman

Elizabeth Coleman

HR consultant

Compassionate and supportive in helping organisations build HR excellence. Devoted to improving employee experience in line to achieving organisations people.              In three words – loyal, professional and positive.

Shane Prendergast

Senior HR Consultant & Client Services Programme Manager

Strongly passionate about people, process and culture within organisations. Always providing data driven solutions and insights that result in practical and innovative solutions.
In three words – agile, committed and creative.

Career opportunities

If you would like to join our growing team, please do get in touch with us to explore potential opportunities. We are an ambitious team of professionals, driven by the belief that we can make real change happen for our clients.

Our values of trust, mutual respect, and innovation have enabled us to grow year on year – we seek out success in the belief that our personal integrity and high standards of customer relationships provide a platform for us as a Trusted Business Partner.

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