The Essentials

Equipping your employees with essential skills takes care of the compliance requirements, and it establishes a suite of skills and capability that you can develop and nurture, ensuring you have a workplace where employees thrive.

Customised Training for your Team

Our bespoke training courses are crafted to meet your organisation’s unique needs. Going beyond one-size-fits-all, our strategic approach to designing and delivering training programmes (virtually or in person, as a workshop or formal learning programme) empowers employees with the exact skills required for individual and organisational growth.

Open Training Courses

Our open training courses are an opportunity to join a group of peers from other client companies we work with, and share experiences, brainstorm ideas and have an enjoyable learning environment. We design and deliver a broad range of courses that are intended to be inclusive and accessible for all levels, and we organise learning groups for an impactful learning outcome.

“Voltedge provided training to our Management Team in areas such as communication, problem solving and human resource management. The Team expressed a new found confidence and ability to deal with problems. This has resulted in less problems getting escalated to Senior Management.” Patrick Wadding,Managing Director at PCO Manufacturing Ltd
“St Patrick’s Mental Health Services have been working with Voltedge since 2021, specifically in the area of Management Training. The experience has been overwhelmingly positive from the perspective of our organisation. Voltedge have been responsive, agile and deeply knowledgeable. Each solution provided has been tailored to the requirements of our organisation- from communication to content to consultant allocated, with demonstrable outcomes. We look forward to continuing to work with Voltedge into the future. ” Mairead Flanagan, DAsst. Director of Human Resources, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services
“Talam Biotech has employed up to twenty staff in three locations in Ireland & the US during the two years we have worked in partnership with Voltedge. Like many early-stage companies, we need a broad range of HR services and support … but not all the time. Voltedge has met those needs very efficiently and cost effectively. They are flexible and very responsive and have enabled us to provide a high quality HR environment for our Management Team and Employees.” Eoin Grindley,Chief Financial Officer, Talam Biotech