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A Good Start to 2020 – How to Leverage Productivity and Increase Your Bottom Line

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

2019 saw Ireland move to a virtually full employment status – something we have not seen since the crash of 2008. This puts additional pressure on employers to attract and retain future employees, and engage with our current people, and there is the constant drive to push productivity, and compete effectively in an environment that is more diverse and changing than ever before.

5 tips to help you start 2020 in a positive and effective way

  1. Measurement: Are you measuring productivity, hours of work and general performance? Have a goal early in 2020 to do this – and/or improve on what you are doing.Employees value clear direction so putting objectives and goals in place is a win-win. Consider if you have your employees effectively utilised – are you maximising on their skills and experience? Undertake an assessment of your employees and make sure you are utilising them to their best ability.
  2. Environment: Introduce at least one green/environmentally friendly goal in 2020: All of us are more attuned and aware of the issues of global warming and the threat to our environment, and employers who embrace changes that support this are employers of choice.
  3. Productivity: One of the major issues employers struggle with is absence and time management. Take an objective to review absence and lates, and to be pro-active in managing employees (it’s normally only a small number of employees but others can become demotivated when they see abuse of this).
  4. Diversity: Aim to drive diversity in 2020 – this may be increasing female representation on the Board and/or management teams, but look at your recruitment policy and plans, diversity within your workforce (whether it is gender/race/age etc.) will be beneficial and valuable to all your employees and gives you a bigger pool of talent to attract from.
  5. Age: This is part of diversity -but we really need to plan for an ageing workforce – think about your demographics and start working on a strategy to ensure you can leverage the talent of older, more mature workers – how is this going to be achieved?

Best wishes for a prosperous and successful 2020 – Voltedge is here to help on all the above at any time. Call Ingrid on 01 5252914 or email to speak to an expert.

Voltedge Top HR Trends for 2020

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

The working landscape is changing at such a pace with technology advances, the rise of the millennials, societal expectations and workplace disruption that attracting and maintaining employees is becoming more of a challenge.

Voltedge has identified the following trends that we believe are the challenges that employers are increasingly facing going into this new year and decade.  Recognising them and being prepared to confront and respond is going to be core to ensuring ongoing success and growth for all businesses.

1/ Strategic Workforce Planning

This might sound daunting and something that only large corporates do however planning is essential for any business and doesn’t need to be complicated.  Essentially it is matching your business strategy and your future plans with the people you currently employ and will employ into the future.  It is a process that aligns your business needs, challenges and changes to your people strategy.

Voltedge has worked with many clients to develop a methodology to analyse the workforce to identify current and future skills gaps. This provides a clear road map for employee development and the hiring of new talent to ensure alignment with the goals of the business and ultimately the success of meeting those goals.  We get very excited when we see the results of these strategic workforce planning projects come to life over months and years.  If businesses want to retain and gain talent they must be embedding them into the organisation’s strategy and making them an integral part of it.


2/ Diversity & Inclusion

We have read and talked a lot about this over the last couple of years, however we believe this is an area that is going to become increasingly more critical for businesses to have integrated into their culture and policies.  It applies to all types of organisations and the benefits of promoting and encouraging this type of environment leads to a much happier, positive and pro-active workforce.  There are lots of ways to introduce initiatives into the workplace, not only from a legal perspective but also socially and culturally.

It can be challenging, particularly if there are individuals who are finding it difficult to embrace such diversity.  Short training courses can have a very positive impact to build awareness within the organisation such as Diversity in the Workplace and Cultural Differences.


3/ Flex Work Policies

Again not new news but increasingly flexible options are being seen as important and – for some – this is more important than salaries.  Therefore, this is not something that can be ignored if you are a business that wants to retain your employees and attract new talent. Particularly the younger upcoming cohort, the future of the workforce, are insisting on having flexibility whether that is working from home,  flexi-time, unlimited holidays or extended leave. Businesses are now having to rethink some of their terms and policies.  There is often a reluctance based on fear of introducing such policies however it is proven that they motivate the workforce and when employees are “on” they are “on”.

Employee policies and terms can be a minefield, if you are reviewing current ones or thinking of introducing new policies talk to an expert!


4/ Learning and Development

We provide many of our clients with learning and development workshops which are designed around the specific needs of the organisation.  This is so important, as most of us know rolling out generic training to tick a box does not work.  With the Irish talent market squeezed, holding onto good employees is increasingly more difficult.  Offering clear career paths and opportunities will help retain them and supporting their progression with relevant training will not only add benefit to the growth of the business but will motivate and embed the employee into the business strategy and future.  An empowered and engaged employee is productive and loyal.

These are just four areas that will be talking points for all businesses this coming year.  We will be bringing you more as the year goes on and can give you advice and support on any of these to ensure you are prepared. We’d love to talk to you about how we can assist, call Ingrid on 01 5252914 or email to speak to an expert.

Voltedge Management

Autumn Development Programme

Monday, August 14th, 2017

We have developed a series of Management Development modules commencing this autumn for managers who either have not had an opportunity for Formal Management training in the past or for managers who are new to the role and need support transitioning into new areas of responsibility.

Who should attend

If you have moved from a supervisor role or are new to management, this programme will be your management tool kit to assist you in being a successful manager and ensuring that you have the skills and ability to lead a focused and motivated team.

If you are an experienced manager but just never had the opportunity for formal course work on any of these key management modules, this series offers you the opportunity to be with a small group of peers to fine tune your management skills, enabling you to be as effective a team manager as possible.

What will be covered

We have developed a series of 8 modules to choose from, managers can decide to attend all or some, whichever are most relevant to their needs. We will continue to develop programmes to meet the demands of management responsibility in organisations today, helping managers to be effective communicators and leaders.

  1. Understanding your role as Manager
  2. Overview of Employment Law and key company policies
  3. Building a motivated and engaged team
  4. Managing the generational differences/expectations
  5. Building a culture of trust and understanding perceptions
  6. Selection interview skills – how to assess key competencies in recruitment and promotional interviews
  7. Talent Management – achieving high performance
  8. Effective Conflict Management

Additional support customised to your needs

In addition to the course work from these modules, our Management Development Programme provides for individual 1:1 coaching on all of these specific areas and more, so that you can apply the learning from the course into your day to day role.

Our qualified coaches will work with you to identify the challenges you face in your role and set personal goals to be achieved as a result of attending this programme. The coaching sessions, which are 1 – 1.5 hours long, will take place between the modules, enabling you to apply your new skills and acquired techniques immediately. This way, your learning outcome will be more effective and will become intuitive.

At the end of the programme you will be in a position to understand your team better, identify the real challenges you face as a manager, and set personal goals for your own personal development and progression as a manager.

For further details of dates and costs, contact our team on or phone the office 01-5252914.

How to create an exciting Employee Value Proposition

Monday, July 17th, 2017

With the war on talent heating up all the time, and the lowest level of unemployment in Ireland since 2008, employers are all keen to ensure that they can attract, retain and continue to hold on to their employees.

So how can you ensure that your EVP is working for you and why should you be concerned about EVP?

An effective EVP that drives employee commitment and advocacy behaviour will also have a direct and profound impact on the loyalty of our customers.

So how can we develop or improve our EVP?

  1. Job satisfaction: Look at how you are measuring, challenging and rewarding (not just financial!) your people. Have you a good career progression plan in place or – if you are a small employer – a good development plan which includes training? Ensure that even the most mundane jobs have opportunity for change/development.
  2. Employer Brand: Does your employer brand extend to your recruitment, your corporate social responsibility and your business strategy? Ensure that you are offering potential employees and current employees the emotional attachment to your brand and your business.
  3. Managers: Employees invariably leave their managers and not their job/company. Make sure that your managers are well trained, supported and understand that their actions have a profound effect on each employee’s retention and their satisfaction in their job. Managers are the key to retention and engagement.
  4. Company policies: Are you able to offer flexible working, flexible benefits, training and development? Are there other policies and benefits that you can consider that will engage and retain your employees? Think about what individuals need/want that will bind them to your company.

EVP is not a one stop solution – it’s a strategic and operational approach to your employees and your business.

Contact Voltedge for a more comprehensive review of your EVP to find out how it can help your retention and employee engagement. Email or ring the office (0)1 525 2914.