A Good Start to 2020 – How to Leverage Productivity and Increase Your Bottom Line

2019 saw Ireland move to a virtually full employment status – something we have not seen since the crash of 2008. This puts additional pressure on employers to attract and retain future employees, and engage with our current people, and there is the constant drive to push productivity, and compete effectively in an environment that is more diverse and changing than ever before.

5 tips to help you start 2020 in a positive and effective way

  1. Measurement: Are you measuring productivity, hours of work and general performance? Have a goal early in 2020 to do this – and/or improve on what you are doing.Employees value clear direction so putting objectives and goals in place is a win-win. Consider if you have your employees effectively utilised – are you maximising on their skills and experience? Undertake an assessment of your employees and make sure you are utilising them to their best ability.
  2. Environment: Introduce at least one green/environmentally friendly goal in 2020: All of us are more attuned and aware of the issues of global warming and the threat to our environment, and employers who embrace changes that support this are employers of choice.
  3. Productivity: One of the major issues employers struggle with is absence and time management. Take an objective to review absence and lates, and to be pro-active in managing employees (it’s normally only a small number of employees but others can become demotivated when they see abuse of this).
  4. Diversity: Aim to drive diversity in 2020 – this may be increasing female representation on the Board and/or management teams, but look at your recruitment policy and plans, diversity within your workforce (whether it is gender/race/age etc.) will be beneficial and valuable to all your employees and gives you a bigger pool of talent to attract from.
  5. Age: This is part of diversity -but we really need to plan for an ageing workforce – think about your demographics and start working on a strategy to ensure you can leverage the talent of older, more mature workers – how is this going to be achieved?

Best wishes for a prosperous and successful 2020 – Voltedge is here to help on all the above at any time. Call Ingrid on 01 5252914 or email info@voltedge.ie to speak to an expert.