You are currently viewing Rent a Recruiter HR Managers Guide to Interview with Fredericka Sheppard and Adam Coleman

Rent a Recruiter HR Managers Guide to Interview with Fredericka Sheppard and Adam Coleman

Watch the recording of the “Transforming the Interview Experience: HR Manager’s Guide to Best Practice Techniques and Feedback” webinar with Fredericka Sheppard and Adam Coleman, organised by Jamie Groom, Co-Founder Rent a Recruiter.

This session is dedicated to all HR professionals who aim to excel in interviewing candidates, ensuring that their recruitment process is not only efficient but also a positive and fair experience for all participants.

This 45-minute webinar provides you with the insights and tools necessary to transform your approach to interviewing candidates. Learn from industry experts about the best practices in recruitment and how to implement innovative interview techniques that align with the latest trends and technologies.

Whether you’re looking to refine your current practices or overhaul your interview process entirely, this webinar offers valuable perspectives and practical solutions.

Fredericka Sheppard – Co-Founder and (Joint) Managing Director at Voltedge Management. As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a Certified Management Consultant with the IMCA, Fredericka has extensive experience in shaping effective HR strategies. She’s a proven leader with a rich background in HR, recently completing 9 years on the Executive Council of the Small Firms Association, and currently serves on the Board of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers and as Chair of the Workplace Mediation Committee on the IMPO Board of Directors.

Adam Coleman – Founder and CEO of HRLocker. A trusted HR software solution empowering over 55,000 users worldwide. Adam develops strategic partnerships and is involved in developing and implementing ‘best in class’ HR solutions with the HRLocker team. He has held senior HR Positions in both O2 UK and O2 Ireland and was head of HR for Esat Digifone. Adam is passionate about work culture and integrates productivity and adult development into the core of HRLocker’s strategy.

Watch the webinar recording here and learn how you can modernise your approach to achieve better predictability in candidate success.

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