Pre-retirement Planning Programme

For many people, the perception of ‘retirement’ has changed from the idea of a few years of ‘pure free-time’ to the concept of a phase of our lives with many opportunities, possibly including ‘working’ in some form.

Retirement planning can be hard to understand and difficult to manage.

That is why we are offering you a one-day programme on Thursday 24th November to help you reflect on future lifestyle options, to decide on what you want and to plan for that in the future.

The programme includes a one-day small-group workshop followed by an individual coaching session a few weeks later.

Our workshop facilitator Carl Brady has over 20 years’ experience in facilitation and in management and leadership development and coaching.

He will guide you to reflect on your hopes and concerns for the future, to identify likely changes, and to examine your motivations for future activities such as volunteering, study, leisure, and paid work. You will also explore possible plans covering such areas as health, finance, legal, home, relationships, and other interests.

Contact or ring the office on 01 5252914 to book your place.

Be ready for change!