5 reasons why you need a Social Media Policy

5 reasons why  you need a social media policy:

1)      Executive VP syndrome: Have you ever wondered how some people have such titles on LinkedIn? A social media policy will help you control how your employees personify themselves on social media sites and ensure the  titles and responsibilities you give to your employees are not abused

2)      The Terrific Tweeter: Most of us have twitter accounts and are actively using them. What employees say about your company, clients or customers can be tied down in a social media policy, this should help prevent problems like the one experienced by the café in Ranelagh Dublin last November 2012 when A customer of Cinnamon Café in Ranelagh posted a complaint on Twitter about the café’s standard of service. An employee responded using the café’s official Twitter account, calling the customer an “a**h*le”. The tweet went viral and became the subject of much debate in the national press and on social media sites.  Management issued an apology, stating that the person responsible had been dealt with and that disciplinary action had been taken. This really illuminates the importance of clear and robust policies governing the use of social media accounts in the workplace.

3)      The Perpetual onliner:  Have you an employee (like many of us) who seems to have a mobile phone attached to their hand and is constantly scanning Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.? Most employers accept that employees will use social media in the workplace and accept that some usage is acceptable, however  a well written social media policy will ensure that persistent and unacceptable usage is manageable and can be controlled.

4)      The Constant shopper: Almost 70% of employees admit to online shopping at work: Now its fine to know that some employees may do their online grocery shopping online at lunchtime, however most employers don’t want their employees spending hours scanning through fashion sites looking for the latest shoes or handbags, cars etc A social media policy and a good firewall will ensure there is control of this addictive habit. (Peninsula Ireland survey January 2013)


5)      The Persistent emailer: Employers often turn a blind eye to employees who email from their company computer, and often using their company account. However there is an absolute necessity to manage email usage  – some of the most serious cases have developed where employees have sent abusive emails either to other employees, clients or customers from their company email account, and the Company then has the responsibility  of dealing with this situations some of which lead to very difficult bullying situations. One of the most ‘infamous’ cases we have seen recently was the ‘top 10’ case in PwC Ireland, where there was a rating exercise by employees via email on  the ‘standard’ of new females being brought into the firm.

Voltedge strongly recommends companies of all sizes to put a good, robust social media policy in place that addresses all of the social media aspects of their business as well as staff personal usage, and then to ensure it is well communicated to all employees and personnel with access to company email accounts and social media sites.

We have considerable experience of advising companies and managers employee relations issues around social media and on the most recent developments in this area. Contact us at any time to discuss how we might be able to assist you with your needs on contact@voltedge.ie