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The opportunity

A ground breaking software company with a global client base were pioneering a high-demand technology for companies leading the way in video and streaming offerings. During the pandemic, they experienced significant growth opportunities and transformed into a global remote working team accessing talent in various locations, consistently scaling through success and innovation.

Voltedge consultancy services

The challenge

We had an existing relationship with the company and provided ad hoc support over the years. However, during this period, their internal HR employee commenced maternity leave. They needed a seamless transition for HR support at this critical time of growth and expansion while ensuring they maintained their culture and values that have always been a game-changer for the talent they attract. The remote work environment needed to be engaging, supportive and driven. At the same time, managers required support in a different way to be successful in how they lead these diverse teams. 

The solutions

Working with the CEO, who embraces creative and meaningful ways of working, we helped scope out their needs regarding the maternity leave cover and identify key operational HR needs to support the growing team and the diversity of locations. Our breadth of experience supporting scaling businesses became most valuable as we provided operational HR management support, advisory and consultancy support, international recruitment management services, training and development for managers, and that personal individualised support when it was needed.

The outcome

We now enjoy an evolved relationship providing ongoing mentoring and support to their in-house HR team.  We provide more insightful strategic HR support for the evolving structure and needs of the ever-growing team, delivering management development training, coaching support, career progression modelling and generally supporting the leadership team to plan their people strategy.