Points of conflict at work are inevitable. We show you the most ideal resolutions.

The opportunity

An indigenous husband and wife distribution company keep a robust list of loyal customers happy, relying on their small workforce, a warehouse, accounts and sales. Their strong brand is built on dedication and unwavering, excellent customer service.

The challenge

Difficult relationships developed with one employee on their team. A culture of toxicity surrounded this person’s interactions, which negatively affected team members. The employee’s performance was extremely poor. They showed a pointed absence of loyalty and no drive in their work.

Compounding this problem was a lack of history in the performance review, leaving these employers with no track record in employee accomplishment or lack thereof. As this person was actively lobbying other employees, the effects on the whole company were profound.

Our solutions

Our Voltedge consultant initially worked with the directors to understand the issue, then developed a management plan. We ensured this company immediately engaged a suitable legal associate as the situation escalated to external legal involvement.

Throughout this difficult period, our consultant worked closely with the directors. She explained the legalities at each stage, supported them during the process, and planned and activated communications and engagement plans with all other employees.

The outcome

Resolution was reached with the departure of the employee in question. Our consultant continued to work with the distribution company, driving a positive, engaging culture among all team members. Performance management practices have been put in place, and their workforce now enjoys a united, integrated and happy working environment. Needless to say, growth has followed.