All our work with our partners is founded on well thought out, customised and practical strategies.

The opportunity

A leading professional services organisation experiencing significant growth wanted to ensure that it retained its culture of respect and shared vision as it continued to expand. However, they recognised that as the business leaders were busy focusing on the commercial aspects of the practice, the people agenda was becoming more and more demanding as teams grew. The structure and processes were not as formal or as established as needed. While valuing their people and wanting to be an employer of choice, individual leaders found that they now experienced a mix of success and challenges that demanded more and more of their time and attention. It was felt that these demands were taking them away from driving the business forward, and yet they knew they needed to prioritise their people and the work environment they were creating.

Their initial brief to Voltedge Management was to better understand the engagement and motivation of staff across all teams. To identify key interventions that would ensure they lived their values and nurtured their culture to develop along with their business.

The challenge

We established a relationship with the practice leaders. We got to understand their individual priorities concerning staff engagement and motivation. This helped us formulate and scope out a staff engagement survey presented to staff, giving them the context as to why this was important and why now. It was important that the employees understood that the leadership team recognised them as key to the current success and the desire that they would be part of the practice’s future growth. However, it was acknowledged that this could only be achieved through a shared understanding of creating an environment that supported career progression and driving high performance in a workplace that respected and valued each other and each person’s responsibilities.  

Our solutions

Our team designed a comprehensive employee survey that covered key elements of the business and gave employees a voice to speak on a broad range of topics. Our analysis of the findings identified a number of interventions that were needed in order to achieve the desired workplace and an environment that could deliver the growth and expansion plans of the business.

We presented our findings to groups of staff and sought their insights and views on the findings. This helped us develop a workplan of priorities that could be implemented across the teams. It became apparent that more regular HR support was required as we tried to drive some of these interventions forward. So one of our consultants became an Interim HR Manager for the company, supporting day to day activities as necessary and also helping to roll out the various programmes that were developed by some of our specialist consultants such as performance management, career progression modelling, frameworks for personal development as well as professional CPD, promotional pathways, compensation and reward strategy, recruitment processes and a graduate programme.

The outcome

We continue to enjoy an ongoing relationship, having scoped out a Head of HR role and supported the recruitment process in selecting a suitably skilled professional to join the team. We now provide strategic support where needed and additional services such as executive coaching engagements.