The HR function is central to the successful realisation of business strategies.

The opportunity

A well-established business in the pharma sector recognised the need to establish good HR practices as their business grew. And as with any growing industry, the need for expert support on employee relations matters and supporting managers to be effective in how they manage people. They found Voltedge through our CIPD professional membership and engaged us ad hoc to help them as and when they needed us.

The challenge

The business had both a manufacturing and sales environment and dealt with international suppliers of products which meant tight margins. This required good effective people management practices to align all functions to the strategic plan for the business. In the initial stages of our engagement, we supported people managers to deal with and address employee relations or workplace challenges from a performance or behaviour perspective. Our services were somewhat reactive to the issues that arose. While we were delivering the support they needed, we recognised an opportunity to become more proactive and develop the management team to be stronger and more effective managers in how they addressed and managed issues as they arose.

This we knew would drive a culture that was more progressive and responsive to the people within the workplace and as well as developing new competencies across the management team. It would ultimately create an opportunity for personal growth and promotion from within the business as it grew. 

Our solutions

We got to know the management team, build trust and earn their respect. We started to show them how HR could change the way they work and the outcomes that they experienced across their teams. We addressed all of the compliance areas to ensure everything was in place to provide a solid foundation for the team. We provided support on the resolution of employee relations issues as they arose and stepped through the process with the manager, creating a safe environment for them to learn and experience first-hand how to engage and resolve conflict in a fair and objective manner.

As the relationship developed, we started to engage proactively on a more regular basis and become more involved in the planning and setting strategic objectives for HR across the business.

This led to a series of programmes being developed specifically for the employees and managers, such as:

  • Leadership and management development programme
  • Executive coaching for all managers and aspiring managers across the business
  • HR training for all managers so that they understand fully operating with in the law
  • Recruitment management of roles across all areas within the business
  • Strategic input to the senior management team on organisational structure as the company has scaled and expanded especially in relation to key hires, roles and responsibilities, people management and future strategies for the business 
  • Operational HR support on a monthly basis
  • Mentoring and supporting newly appointed managers or team leaders
  • Establishing a culture of personal and professional development and a greater emphasis on training and development of people
  • Developing a meaningful space for performance management and how that leads to personal growth and opportunity
Voltedge consultancy services

The outcome

The relationship with Voltedge Management became one of HR Partner where now we enjoy the engagement as an Outsourced HR Partner. We continue to contribute to the planning and development of strategic objectives for the business, supporting the ongoing growth and expansion plans with people management initiatives and proactive management development programmes.