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The opportunity

Our client is a PLC company based in Ireland with a major subsidiary based abroad. This company has been in operation for many years but had a new board that had been very active in ensuring the organisation is compliant across all functions, with a major focus on sustainability, good governance, and succession planning.

As part of this process, Voltedge was requested by the CEO to undertake a Succession Planning project to include full details of succession planning for key positions, develop role descriptions for all executive and senior positions, with a risk assessment, and a build out of key competencies. The key competencies were also to be linked into the performance review process.

The challenge

The challenge was to develop the role descriptions which were either non-existent or very brief, and to work with the senior management team to identify the key competencies that were essential to the business and linked to the culture and ethos.

Our solutions

The Voltedge Consultant undertook several meetings with the senior management team, and also with key employees to understand the roles, and the competencies within the business. The project scope had tight timelines and required regular meetings and updates to the SMT.

Voltedge produced a full report for the CEO to be presented to the Board of the Company, outlining a clear succession plan for each key position, a risk assessment for key successors and high performers, and a bank of key competencies that are now integrated with the performance management process, as well as recruitment and promotion. Role descriptions are fully defined and regularly updated/changed as the business changes.

The outcome

The Board now have a quarterly presentation that gives a full insight into the workforce planning/risks/development of employees – enabling strategic decisions to be taken and planned for with full insight.

This was a major project but has achieved great results in terms of engaging employees as part of the overall succession planning and performance management,  along with a regular report to the Board ensuring that they are fully informed on any potential resource risks within the business.