We take HR challenges and help you develop customised strategic planning to overcome them.

The opportunity

Our client is a major multinational services company based in Dublin but with offices and clients globally – mainly Europe and Africa.  In 2018 their HR Director retired, and they had promoted a young HR Business partner. Their HR function was not fit for purpose and needed to be completely reviewed and changed to meet the needs of a very rapidly growing business, with huge demands on HR. The growth in the company was exponential with a totally new organisation structure recently implemented to focus on different sectors of business.

As part of this process, Voltedge was introduced to the HR team by the Directors, as there was a mis-alignment with the current HR function and the new, rapidly changing and expanding, business structure.

The challenge

The challenge was to re-design a HR function that would support and manage HR services throughout the organisation, with a structure that would last and be scalable.

Voltedge assigned a senior organisational design consultant with the first task of reviewing the current structure and resources, with meetings with all the HR team. Additionally, the consultant met all the senior Directors running the different business functions within the organisation, and also met other SMT members, getting input and their views on what was/was not working for them in terms of the HR function.

Our solutions

Voltedge then ran a number of workshops with the HR team, doing a detailed SWOT analysis and looking at the current structure and possible alternatives. This was as much to engage and get buy in as to provide insight into options for the HR function.

Following these sessions the Consultant developed several HR function options which were brought to the SMT for discussion and consideration. The final decision was then conveyed to the HR team, with a plan of action to change the function into centres of expertise with HR Business Partners being the point of contact with the Business leaders.

Voltedge then provided a senior HR Consultant to support the HR function in driving change and resources as part of the strategic plan. This was continued for a period of 12 months to support the transition.

The outcome

Voltedge has helped our client to change its operational HR department into a focussed, strategic, and better equipped support function. With clear centres of excellence, the business can now ensure that there is a higher level of expertise and support as well as dedicated HR Business Partners who have support and resources to help them deliver what the business needs.

Their HR function is transformed and continues to grow with the business.