Results from LinkedIn Polls

Over the last few weeks, we shared on our LinkedIn Page various polls on current key issues of importance for managers. Our polls included questions on Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Remote Work, Remote Onboarding, Performance Management and Christmas ideas for team events. Here are the results!

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Tips for a Healthy Happy Festive Season With a Difference

Looking back at the tips from previous years, it makes it even more apparent how different this Christmas is. No office parties, big lunch or dinner engagements; no big family get togethers; no big social outings. The word BIG is one of the big differences this year and very often it is the big events around Christmas that can cause us the most stress. Worrying about how to manage the excesses and overindulgences, the sometimes-fraught nature of too many people in one place, the social anxiety that can ruin a work event, family tension, are all the things we have highlighted in the past as areas to mind yourself over Christmas.

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It’s January 2020 – Let’s Celebrate!!

I always reflect at this time of year on what is in store for the next 12 months, what is going to happen or not happen. Magazines, newspapers and websites are full of tips, advice and wisdom to make the next 12 months the best you will ever feel, be and exist. We are constantly being told we need to make changes to our lifestyle, appearance, environment and basically how we live.  So does this mean that every previous year we have not been at our best – can we always be and do better?

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