Project Management Services – “On Time and Within Budget”

Organisations at any time can have a variety of in-house projects underway that require management and support. Depending on the industry and business the process may vary. However, the overarching goal relates to the outcome that needs to be achieved. Whether it is bringing a new product to market, changing a process, solving a problem or introducing some new technology or process to achieve business efficiencies and provide better more informed data for management decisions – how the project is scoped, planned and managed is critical to the success of the outcomes.

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Workplace Investigations – Getting it Right!

ver the past 12-18 months, we have seen an increase in workplace grievances which can be challenging for any organisation, but especially for a small to medium organisation with limited expertise in the area of conducting workplace investigations. Claims raised formally or informally under the company grievance procedure or claims under the equality or dignity in the workplace procedures, harassment or bullying claims, they all need to be managed effectively from the start.

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