Your Questions – June 2011

Improving morale and employee engagement
“We are a reasonable successful young company; we started in 2005 and have doubled in size in the last 2 years. Our staff who are very important to us, don’t seem to be happy or enjoying their work like before. There is a feeling that the company has changed too much since some of the newer employees joined”.
“How do we get back the morale and good rapport we all had in the early days and start enjoying our work again?”

Recruiting using social media
We are a young software company and all our staff are keen bloggers and tweeters. We have a number of new positions we want to fill but don’t really feel the traditional route of recruiting is the most effective or cost efficient way to attract the candidates we need. We would like to use the different social media sites in a more structured manner to inform people of these positions and advertise the roles themselves, but before we engage on this path, do you have any advice on recruiting effectively using social media sites.”

Performance Reviews and 360 process
“Our company has been using the current performance review process now for some years, it is very time consuming but it works, or at least some of the managers feel it works. At one of our management meeting recently, a suggestion was made about conducting a 360 review on the managers. I don’t really know what is involved in this or if we should consider this approach, any recommendations?”