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Q: I intend to install CCTV in the workplace, what should I tell my Employees?

A: You must inform Employees that you are using CCTV in the workplace. You will need to display signs telling Employees where the cameras are located. The signs should be easy to read, well-lit and positioned in places where they can be easily seen. The signs should also provide contact details for someone whom Employees can discuss the processing of their data with, for example the owner of the premises or the security company operating the CCTV system.

Q: Should there be a CCTV policy in place?

A: Yes. You should have a written CCTV policy which includes the following information:

  • The identity of the company holding the CCTV footage
  • The reasons why the CCTV footage is being used
  • Any third parties the footage may be given to
  • How you can request to see the footage held of you
  • How long the footage can be held for
  • How the footage will be secured

Q: What is reasonable and unreasonable use of CCTV in the workplace?

A: You must have a valid reason to use CCTV to monitor your workplace. You must also consider if using CCTV is reasonable. For example, using CCTV to detect intruders, vandals or thieves may be reasonable. However, using CCTV to constantly monitor employees would be intrusive and would only be justified in special circumstances.

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