Your HR Questions Answered

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Q: When should I report an accident at work to the HSA?

A: The HSA must be notified of all: 1) fatal work-related accidents 2) accidents causing injury that result in the person carrying out work being absent from work or being unable to carry out his/her normal duties, for more than three consecutive days 3) accidents caused as a result of work or work activity, which result in a person who is not at work (a member of the public), suffering a fatal injury or an injury that requires hospital treatment or the attention of a doctor.

Q: When I am calculating three consecutive days, do I consider the weekend?

A: Yes, weekends and other normal days off (such as holidays) are included when calculating the period of absence following an accident.

Q: What is the Health and Safety Authorities’ role in relation to bullying?

A: Bullying has been identified as a safety issue, which means that when an HSA inspector is carrying out a workplace inspection, he/she will examine a business’s safety statement to ensure that the issue of bullying is dealt with. The HSA may also investigate a bullying claim in the workplace.

Q: Do we have to have a trained first aider in the business?

A: Yes. Employers are required by law to designate occupational first-aiders at the workplace as are necessary. The number depends on the size of the business and the findings of a risk assessment. You can find out how many are required in your Business here.

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Kate Siberry, HR Executive, Voltedge Management