Your HR Questions Answered

We aim to give our readers and followers the best advice when it comes to managing people effectively and every month you can read a digest of some HR questions that might be relevant for you.

Q: What do I do if an employee is unable to get to work because of the transport strike ?

A: This is certainly a topical issue at the moment, with the recent events in Dublin and across the country. Generally, there is advance notice given with this kind of issues so you will have an opportunity to speak to employees who may be effected.

Generally we would recommend you consider these key aspects:

  • Remote Working/Working from home – is this an option for some employees, however not all positions will be suitable to remote working consideration.
  • Annual Leave – it may be appropriate for the employee to take the time as annual leave or time off
  • Time in Lieu – allow the employee to work up the time at a later date and therefore record the time off as time in lieu

For any of these scenarios above, the employee will be paid as normal. Alternatively, arrange a temporary period of flexible working of earlier or later starts according to what may be more practical because of the private bus operators or other means of transport.

Depending on the duration of the dispute, it could mean a protracted period of flexibility or it could mean ad hoc changes in line with the patters of the dispute.

It is good practice for management to take a proactive approach to dealing with this issue and to communicate with staff so that the disruptions can be managed as effectively as possible.

Q: Is Good Friday a day off work or does the employee need to request the day off from annual leave?

A: Good Friday is not one of the nine Public Holidays in the Republic of Ireland. However some companies choose to close for business on Good Friday and employee take the day as annual leave or as a company discretionary day.

There is also the consideration of the religious services that take place on Good Friday. If an employee wishes to take some time off work to attend such services, this can be facilitated where possible by providing time off in lieu or offering the employee the opportunity to take some annual leave or the chance to work back the time off at a later date.

It is important that there is no discrimination of an employee on matters relating to religious beliefs or religious practices.

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