Workplace Relations Commission Annual Report

Workplace Relations Commission Annual Report- interesting findings on complaints:

The Workplace Relations Commission has issued its second annual report which gives interesting insights into the cases being taken and heard by the service during 2016. Outlined below are the most common complaints that have been heard:

28% pay related issues

15% related to unfair dismissal

12% working time

11% Discrimination/equality

9% trade disputes/IR

9% terms and conditions of employment

For employers, the good news is that breaches in employment legislation has reduced from 41% to 37% from 2015 – 2016. However, many of the cases that are successful against employers are often as a result of the employer not having the correct HR policies and procedures in place to deal with issues. Where employers have appropriate procedures, if these policies and procedures are not followed carefully then they can pay dearly at the WRC.

The WRC is now responsible for the previous NERA inspection service, and they carried out a total of 4,830 inspections in 2016, 60% were unannounced.

Employers are advised to review their current HR policies and procedures, and contracts of employment, to ensure that they are both appropriate to their business and fully compliant.