Women in the workplace – do they make a difference?

In an article entitled ‘Why Women are your future’, written by Peter Cosgrove, Director at CPL plc., it is clear that gender diversity in the workplace is not only a good thing but has a profound effect on business.

Women are not only growing significantly in terms of numbers in the workplace, but they are key in terms of purchasing power and purchasing influences – in Ireland women account for 58% of all purchases and influence 85%  of purchasing decisions. This report also states that the most valuable brands in the world have a greater than average proportion of female board members.

Analysis of female input into high level positions is astounding – the top 20% of financially successful companies had almost twice as many women in leadership roles.

Companies where women made up more than 10% of top operational jobs had a 27% higher return on equity and a 42% higher ratio of dividend payouts.

As Peter Cosgrove succintly puts it – Gender Diversity is not a problem – it’s a SOLUTION!