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Why You Should Celebrate Pancake Tuesday in the Workplace

1. It brings people together.

Celebrating Pancake Tuesday together builds camaraderie and creates a more positive environment. And the great news: happiness is contagious.

2. Celebrating one moment affects many.

Having positive interactions at work broadens our thinking. They create memories of laughter, personal stories and team work.

3. It’s relatively cheap and it works.

Recognition, encouragement and rewards are proven to boost workplace morale and productivity. 69% of employees said they would work harder if they were better recognized by their managers and peers.

4. Set bigger and better goals.

 Just a little bit of downtime to celebrate with pancakes gives you the mental space to think big.

5. Confidence.

Being recognised either as an individual or as a collective team with a celebration such as pancakes in work, allows you to take stock of your unique talents and what it took to overcome the challenges that landed you in celebration mode.


We have included some links to our favourite recipes below!


Have a “flipping” great day!

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