Why is it important to have an OOTO message while on Annual Leave?

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The importance of having an OOTO during annual leave.

Holidays and time away from work are a necessity in order to be able to unplug and recharge. As research often tells us, disconnecting from work, office politics, and even checking email can ultimately help us to lead a more productive life. The Right to Disconnect gives employees the right to switch off from work outside of normal working hours, including the right to not respond immediately to emails, telephone calls or other messages.

Too often employees feel the tension of knowing they need to take a break but  fear that their time away will just lead to more work when they get back. While many factors play into this tension, there are small ways one can alleviate the stress of the return to work after taking annual leave.

One step to making annual leave more productive is placing a fitting out of the office (OOTO) email that establishes well-defined boundaries for time away from the workplace. OOTO messages that are written carefully and effectively can be a useful implementation that leads employees to establishing healthier work-life boundaries and working relationships. These little autoresponders built into our emails can give us the opportunity to make social contacts with teammates, customers, and retailers.

An OOTO message allows the employee to have peace of mind while they are away. Simultaneously it provides clear information, guidance, and expectations to clients. An OOTO message prohibits clients sending repeat emails with no reply, and no explanation. An OOTO is a courtesy to those trying to reach the employee and a deterrent to a build-up of unnecessary emails which may overwhelm the employee of their return to work.

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