What makes some teams so successful – 5 key drivers

When we look at some of the team we have worked with or some of the team who operate around us, the really successful ones stand out. Sometime we question what it is that makes them work so effectively, is it the sum of the individuals on the team, is it the team leader, is it the subject experts on the team …..…….

The answer probably lies in a mix of all of these, but without a doubt the manner in which they engage with eachother enables them to be highly functional and successful teams.

The following 5 points can really make a difference

  1. Trust: where team members can ask for help; accept being questioned by others; admit mistakes when they happen; genuinely give benefit of doubt; appreciate one another’s skills
  2. Operate without Fear: critical topics are put on the table; there is a minimal amount of politics; lively and provocative discussions are encouraged but effectively managed; quick problem-solving is championed
  3. Commitment: have clarity on direction and priorities; there is team alignment around objectives; an ethos of learning from mistakes; move forward with hesitation; change direction without guilt
  4. Accountability: respect for adherence to same standards; poor performers feel pressure to perform; team members challenge each other
  5. Focus on Results: achievement-oriented employees thrive; individualistic-behavour is minimized; distractions are avoided; a drive towards more consistent achievement of objectives