What do employees really worry about?

Mercer recently undertook a RedC survey of over 1500 employees across UK and Ireland looking at pressures at work and how they are affecting employees lives and their work. The results confirm that life is tough – so why is it tough and how can we improve it?

52% say that their biggest worry is maintaining a healthy lifestyle while holding down a job

49% said that their next biggest worry is saving for retirement

45% say that providing for the family in the event of illness/death and simply paying the domestic bills are a real worry

Of those who said they had concerns outlined above, 78% felt increased personal stress, with 57% saying they had less motivation and 51% said they had less energy.

How does this affect their work?

56% felt reduced job satisfaction

44% said they were less productive at work

So what can we do?

Employers need to understand their employee issues, how they can be supported, and practical ideas to relieve pressure. Where a company does not have a pension scheme, encourage employees to set up their own PRSA, and if possible, offer a percentage matching of their contribution. Employees who feel respected, well treated and valuable will engage better and have less dissatisfaction so employee engagement is critical. Introducing healthy lifestyle programmes (at minimal cost) can have major benefits, and an understanding of the employee and their personal needs can make the difference between a disengaged employee and an employee who knows that their manager has a genuine interest in them and their family.