Top Tips on How to Tackle January

The good news is we are nearly through January! However, there is of course still time to put those new regimes in place, the ones that sounded so easy and self-fulfilling after another portion of turkey and stuffing and that last mince pie.

Dry January, juicing, detoxing, superfoods, the gym, life coaching, restructuring… the list of things we are all supposed to suddenly be doing on the 1st of January, many of which we simply are not able to, is endless.  Yes, there is no doubt it’s the time of the year to do a bit of thinking and reassessment of our selves and our lives but putting on too much pressure will simply cause the pressure cooker to explode, and that’s not going to make this time of the year any easier!

Top Tip – Always have a fruit nearby

You come back to work on Monday to a zillion emails and the decorations still up! A quick declutter of the glitter can be refreshing and working from the top down on the what seems like an endless list of emails soon can purge into a manageable workload. Your next item on the list should be filling the office biscuit tin with fruit.

Top Tip –  Get moving

Battle the wind and rain and commute to work on your bike. Shift the excesses from Christmas and clear the cobwebs from your mind.  Whatever you do – walk, cycle, run, skip – getting out in the fresh and if you can during daylight hours – it will help you feel energised and less guilty hitting the couch in the evening.

Top Tip – Make plans

In order to make January more bearable, start planning. Whether it’s family and friend gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, work events, holidays, having something to look forward to is such a positive feeling! It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive but knowing you have something in the diary, even if it’s a cup of coffee with a pal on a Saturday morning can help you get through the week.  It’s also a great way of focusing and managing time. So get that calendar out of the wrapper, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it gets filled up. And, make sure to plan some downtime too.

Top Tip – Make Me Time

Embrace the long days, the dreary weather instead of letting it get you down. No better excuse then to spend time at home, catching up on those jobs that never get done but provide an immense sense of achievement once they are.  And of course catching up on reading, movies, Netflix, long telephone calls, cooking nice meals, one on one time with your beloved ones. So what if you end up still in your PJs at the end of Saturday, do it and enjoy it!

Top Tip – Be honest with yourself

It’s easy to be overwhelmed and to make unreasonable and often irrational promises to yourself.  There are big issues that need addressing in all our lives, some more urgent and life changing than others. Use January as a time to rationalise them, make realistic plans that can be carried out and maintained. There’s a whole year ahead so don’t panic, keep the pressure on low to medium!

According to Forbes only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions will complete them. Be one of the 92% who do by knowing what is truly achievable.

Happy New Year and best of luck in 2018 from everybody at Voltedge Management!

Ingrid O’Sullivan, Operations Manager