Time Off During Adverse Weather

Now that the weather is expected to get colder in the coming weeks there is a risk that we might find Met Eireann forecasting snow or even stormy conditions. It is a good time to think about how your organisation is going to manage adverse weather this winter and put in place the necessary policies, communicate them to staff and make plans for working schedules etc.

Q: If an employee cannot come to work due to bad weather, do I have to pay them?

A: If the organisation is open for work and the employee cannot attend, then they are not entitled to payment for that day. You can give employees the option to take a holiday day as an alternative to unpaid leave, although you cannot force them to take a holiday. Having an ‘Exceptional lave policy’ in place is good practice to cover you in the event of these occurrences.

Employers can also look at alternatives for the employee, if appropriate:

  • Can they work from home?
  • Can they perform their duties on an alternative day?

Q: If our place of work is closed due to bad weather, do I have to pay the employee?

A: Yes, if the employee is available for work then they are entitled to pay for this day, even if the premises are unable to open.

If you are unsure about what arrangements to put in place in your own business, get in touch today with our team of HR experts. Just email us on info@voltedge.ie or call Ingrid on 01 5252914.

Laura Banfield, HR Consultant