The office Christmas Party

They can be great fun and something to look forward to as the year draws to a close. But as you start to plan for your night out with your work colleagues, its funny how easy it is to recall stories and events from previous years that have become legendary in the company’s social history.  Lets make those memories all good ones!

Here’s just a few things for companies to add to the preparation list:

  1. Review your Company Social Events policy and send it out to everyone as a gentle reminder that the Christmas party is a company event
  2. Take a look at your Social Media Policy and if you don’t have one – then put one in place. Send it around to the employees also and try to avoid posts to Facebook or You Tube. It is of course nice to have a few photo’s from the party but maybe a photographer hired for the night would work better!
  3. Pace your self – mangers and team leads should try to encourage their teams to last the pace – with both the food and drink, it could be a long night!
  4. Work Colleague – remember you will need to meet your colleagues across a meeting room table or at the coffee dock next week,  this is not the time to tell your boss how you really feel about her/him!
  5. Yes it is a party, but try to dress in something suitable
  6. Have a great night to remember and get home safely