The changing relationship between an employee and their employer

It’s a familiar scenario – a CFO asks HR: “What if we invest in all these staff, and then they leave?” HR replies: “What if we don’t, and then they stay?” And therein lies the nub of employee engagement. How can employers maintain the balance of investing sufficiently in people to ensure the workplace environment inspires growth, whilst mitigating the inherent risks of investing in human capital?

It’s a fact of life: for one reason or another, staff leave and organisation and move on to work elsewhere or change their career direction. The challenge for the employer is to ensure that whilst they’re with you, they remain motivated and productive – and that when they exit, their departure is well managed and doesn’t unsettle business continuity and profitability. From beginning to end, employees’ tenures will be underpinned by policies and guidelines to support their development, but despite the legalities of the relationship, the whole process is a journey not a destination.

The employment environment is dynamic. In an evolving socio-economic climate, where attitudes, regulation and technologies shift at an alarming pace – and the impact reverberates throughout the workplace – nothing ever stands still. And neither, therefore, should businesses’ approach to managing Human Resources and developing responsive employment policies.

Finding equilibrium between the rights of your staff and protecting the profitability of your business is a demanding and complex task. With increasing regulation and the cost of disputes continually rising, companies need support at every level and expert advice through all phases of the employee journey.

  • Agreeing terms and conditions and developing a contract
  • Bonus terms
  • Company handbook with effective policies and procedures
  • IP protection and confidentiality clauses
  • Share options and other benefits
  • Succession planning and promotional opportunities
  • Addressing issues that arise on time with proportional outcomes that fit
  • Building a relationship of trust, respect, honesty
  • Setting clear and measurable goals for meaningful outcomes for the business and the individual 

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