Successful start-ups – tips on how to survive

Starting up a business can be very lonely and challenging – Business Insider recently undertook a review and investigated how some of the most successful of all entrepreneur founders managed and thrived, including David Karp, technically the only founder of Tumblr and Wiley Cerilli, founder of SinglePlatform (sold to Constant Contact for $100 million):

1) Find your purpose:  focus and identify your niche market and purpose

2) Find a support group:  connect with other CEOs and forum groups  – this gives great opportunity for feedback, support and genuine friendship with like-minded people

3) Celebrate your wins before moving on to the next milestone: the early days are always tough, so make sure you celebrate the early wins with your team

4) Focus on company culture: Creating a great culture starts with the founder and is influenced by the first employees. Identify the type of culture you want to develop, and focus on this – otherwise the void will be filled potentially by a culture you never wanted