School term about to start again – parents requesting leave

Yes its almost that time of the year again, most parents are getting the uniforms and school books ready for their little darlings starting back to school later this month in some cases,  or in early September. This can be a very stressful and challenging time for parents especially when it comes to starting little ones in junior infants or even for the older kids changing to secondary level.

Very often parents request parental leave around this time of the year so that they can be there to take their kids to school for the first week or two or they request some flexibility in relation to starting time , so that they can do the school drop off, settle the kids back into the routine and then get into the office.

While it can be a challenging and difficult time for employers too, its important to consider the needs of yours employees, and this is very much a short term need. When employees see their bosses being supportive, interested and flexible with them, they very often show their appreciation with greater commitment and loyalty to the company, increased levels of motivation and engagement and generally are a lot more willing to be flexible and accommodating of the companies needs when they arise.