RTE 1 Business Show with Richard Curran – Coronavirus in the Workplace

Co-managing Director Joyce Rigby-Jones was live on air on the RTE 1 Business Show with Richard Curran on the 28th February, discussing the impact of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Below is an extract from the business show. You can listen to what steps employers should be taking here.

Richard: We’ve also been inundated with queries about the coronavirus and how it might impact workplaces. 

Joyce: We have to be prepared for this. We now have been told we are at high risk and we have to all make sure that we have the proper processes in place. For employers, it’s really important now to make sure that we have a contingency plan, that we put in a policy, if we can, for employees, and we really communicate, because employees are very scared and nervous. We have to be able to show that there are plans in place and that we know what we’re doing.

Richard: Should you have the option of working from home? Should your employer offer that to you, if for example, the coronavirus arrives or expands in Ireland and more people get it and people’s fears grow?

Joyce: Obviously, some employers are very well positions to do this anyway and they will have remote working policies that employees can work at home. Other employers won’t be able to do this, they will be maybe in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, it’s just not a possibility. So what they need is a plan so if there is a coronavirus outbreak in there or near to them, that they have a plan of action to make sure they can mitigate the risks and the problems that will be caused, and also what tot ell the employees, if it’s a case that you think you’ve met someone who might have it, is that good enough to not turn up to work? There must be a plan that you work through and you go to the HSC, work through their advice and make sure that you do in a controlled and managed manner. 

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