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Q: Am I legally required to provide a reference to an ex-employee?
A: No, there is no general requirement in law or legislation that you must provide a reference. If you do provide a reference, you have a duty of care to both the subject of the reference and to anyone that might rely on it.

Q: By when must you legally provide an employee with their written terms of employment?
A: The Terms of Employment (information) Acts 1994-2014 provide that an Employer is obliged to provide an Employee with a written statement of terms of Employment within the first two months of commencement of employment.

Q: What happens if changes are made to the particulars contained in the written statement?
A: An employer must notify an employee of any changes to the particulars within one month after the change takes effect. It should be noted that this does not entitle an employer to unilaterally change the terms in the statement, and of course any changes must be agreed with the individual.

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