Recognize Your Employees’ Achievements

One of the top complaints employees often express about management, is that they don’t recognise their achievements or show appreciation for the extra effrt they make. A manager, team lead or the CEO of a company, it is important to build a sense of connectedness with employees at all levels and this starts with expressing appreciation – the simple things can really make a difference!.

  • Notice employees’ unique contributions. Say something that highlights something specific: “I appreciate the way you pull in people from other departments to reach your team goals – you’re a great team builder.”
  • Thank people personally and publicly. Daily interactions – from the coffee point to the bus stop – are opportunities to show appreciation for your employees’ efforts. Public recognition at a staff meeting, or a thoughtful “thank you” in a newsletter or e-mail, are also meaningful and mean a lot to the employee.
  • Ask, “What do you think?” Give people the opportunity to express themselves and be recognised for their ideas. Proactively ask employees, “How do you think we could improve?” and “What do you think it is we do that prevents us from taking that next step forward”