Project Management Services – “On Time and Within Budget”

Organisations at any time can have a variety of in-house projects underway that require management and support.  Depending on the industry and business the process may vary. However, the overarching goal relates to the outcome that needs to be achieved. Whether it is bringing a new product to market, changing a process, solving a problem or introducing some new technology or process to achieve business efficiencies and provide better more informed data for management decisions – how the project is scoped, planned and managed is critical to the success of the outcomes.

Project Management


Voltedge Management has formed a team of expert Project Managers to support our clients with these needs to:

– Assist you with defining your project charter and mentor your in-house project team

– Develop your project plan and agree the project scope

– Outline the work to be performed

– Identify the resources needed and calculate a budget and schedule if required.

Essentially the Project Manager takes on the task of ensuring project success, delivering on time and within budget to the agreed charter. We are excellent at planning, executing and closing projects – by accurately defining the project scope, building a comprehensive work plan and managing the budget and milestones throughout.

We understand Stakeholder Management and Leadership, are capable decision makers and problem solvers, and can deal with risk and control – that’s why we add value to the process and ensure it gets delivered.


Whether it is project managing the introduction of a new Time and Attendance system, upgrading your HRIS, rolling out a new Project  Management Process, leading your GDPR Compliance Journey, or just supporting an In-house Project Management Team, our Project Managers have a broad range of knowledge and extensive experience across a number of industries and can bring real value to your inhouse projects success.

If you need a strategic thinker, with exceptional judgement, the ability to make sound decisions and be creative in developing alternative solutions in a fast-paced environment, and able to anticipate needs, balance the big picture with attention to detail, then get in touch and we can arrange an initial consultation with one of our Project Managers to explore best options for you and your business needs.

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