Prepare for GDPR Requirements

With only days to go for the GDPR implementation date, we are seeing an increase in demand for HR Consultancy services. But do these actions offer HR an opportunity to encourage a more protective and open environment for employees to raise data privacy issues?

While there is much speculation and debate on the deterrents of non-compliance to GDPR (particularly the heavy fines which may be incurred) there appears to be little on its opportunities.  Will companies use this regulation to create a culture through their policies, employee handbooks and procedures which encourages employees to make data breach disclosures or will the emphasise be on the consequences of disciplinary action for such a breach thus creating a culture where they remain “hidden” until it is too late to take remedial action?

GDPR requires a fundamental change in how personal data is managed. Data breach reporting  is just one example where  the increased accountability and transparency requirements of the regulation require employee support in order to be successful.

We are currently working with a number of organisations, from micro businesses of just a handful of employees to SME’s of 100+ employees, assisting them to take the necessary steps on the GDPR compliance journey.

HR has a significant role to play to ensure personal data of their employees is gathered and stored in the correct manner.

We also provide full GDPR Project Management support for companies, do get in touch with us and we can arrange a scoping meeting. For more information on what action you need to take, contact us on or phone 01 5252914, our GDPR expert team of Project Managers can assist you.