Non-EEA national Interview Authorisation and short-term contracts

The Department of Justice and Equality (INIS) and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Employment have jointly introduced a number of initiatives to help Irish employers to obtain individuals for either long or short-term employment/contracting in areas of critical skill shortages.

Firstly, in recognised highly skilled shortage occupations, employers are now permitted to invite an individual into Ireland for interview on a temporary basis. This permission is being granted from 15th July 2013, and will allow employers to meet individuals who potentially can fill a critical role in an area of skill shortages. The individual must apply to the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation for an Employment Permit.

Secondly, an Atypical Working Scheme is being introduced from the 2nd September 2013, whereby:

1) A skills shortage has been identified

2) to provide a specialised or high skill to an industry, business or academic institution

3) to facilitate trial employment in respect of an occupation on the Highly Skilled Occupations List

4) to facilitate paid internships in respect of non-EEA full time students studying outside the State

This scheme will provide a streamlined mechanism to deal with atypical, short term employment where the nature of the work is not governed by the Employment Permits Acts or by current administrative procedures under the Employment Permits Acts.