Nine tips for building a great team

1. Always be hiring – hire in technical, product or business but only take people that really WOW you! Think about the person’s career path also, be mindful of where they are and where they are going – Alexandre Winter, founder and CEO at Placemeter

2. Encourage Entrepreneurial Thinking – in a start-up, each and every person needs to think like an owner and entrepreneur – asking for foregiveness, not permission, allows the entire team to benefit snynergistically from their talents as a team being greater than the sum of our parts as individuals – Levo League CEO and co-founder of Caroline Ghosn

3. Remember that your people are your business – hiring is the most important thing you can do at a company at any stage in it’s lifecycle, Great people versus okay people are the difference between success and mediocrity – Brett Lewis, founder of Skillbridge

4. Lead by Example – the culture starts with you! If you show passion for the company and its mission, set goals and expectations and work hard – your team will follow suit – Jojo Hedaya,

5. Character Counts – hire really good people that communicate and exude positivity

6. Don’t underestimate Freelancers – you don’t have to hire everyone as permanent, full-time- look at flexible contractors, part-time options, interns – give yourself flexibility

7. Listen to your Gut – trust your feelings – if you have doubts or reservations they are probably there for a reason.

8. Give Employees Ownership and Flexibility – encourage your team to take ownership – a happy employee will be multiples more productive than someone not inspired, or stressed

9. Work to Maintain and Build Company Culture – each hire should fit well AND improve the company’s efficiency and culture – if they don’t they are the wrong person. While it is mainly the CEO’s responsibility to set and cultivate the company’s culture, it’s a never-ending task – Jeff Jackel, CEO of BuzzMob -Jeff spends one day a week focussing on company culture in one way or another.