NERA: some interesting snippets

NERA, an Office of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation which aims to secure compliance with employment rights legislation and foster a culture of compliance in Ireland through five main functions: Information, Inspection, Enforcement, Prosecution and Protection of Young Persons, has recently released some updates.

 Some 2009 Statistics

  • 150,000 calls received from the public, up 30% on 2008
  • 8,800 inspections carried out, including targeted campaigns (6% increase from 2008)
  • 108 cases referred for Prosecution (up 64% on 2008) with 27 cases resulting in a conviction
  • €2.5 million recouped for over 6,000 employees


Some 2010 Statistics (Jan – Sept 2010)

  • 92,441 calls received from the public
  • 3,903 calls, interviews and inspections carried out, including targeted campaigns (relates to 12,000 inspections under individual pieces of legislation
  • 102 cases referred to the Chief State Solicitors Office
  • €742,848 recouped for employees