#MeToo – Where to Now?

After the major news about cases following #MeToo in the entertainment world globally, has this affected companies in UK and Ireland? A recent survey carried out by CIPD UK (197 readers polled from CIPD’s magazine People Management) would imply that there is a definite up-turn in cases as follows:

  • 17% of HR professionals say they have seen an increase in complaints from employees over the last 6 months (2nd half 2018)
  • 20% have fired or disciplined someone for harassment in the last 6 months
  • 18% have changed policies relating to harassment in the last 6 months
  • 16% have introduced new channels or resources for reporting harassment in the last six months; a further 9% plan to in the next 6 months

So what can we do as employers to minimise any risk of cases arising?

  • Review your dignity at work policies including Bullying and Harassment, Grievance and Disciplinary and make sure that they are fit for purpose, fit your business and are appropriate
  • Do a Dignity at Work training session focusing on your team leaders/managers to ensure that they know how to deal with informal issues early on, and then how to deal with more significant complaints or issues that may arise
  • Do a Dignity at Work training session with all other staff – you could include it with other training such as Wellness at Work and/or Health and Safety so you don’t make it such a major issue
  • If you are a medium size business, considering training a capable employee to be a go-to person for any potential bullying and harassment. They can give advice and potentially reduce any development of issues
  • Undertake an employee pulse survey
  • Drive inclusion and diversity as a key company value

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