Kick start “Engagement” from the top!

We all know the importance of engagement and just what can be achieved with you have an truly engaged work force all focused on the same goals, but it’s not an easy journey to get the organisation to that point. A lot of time and effort can be spent on various initiatives that fell like they just don’t deliver.

 To get the engagement concept off to a good start, it’s important to cultivate a belief in the power of engagement across your entire company – “engaging leadership”. Here are 4 basic steps in making engaging leadership part of your culture.

  1. Measure engagement levels through a survey, it’s hard to manage what you don’t measure.
  2. Actively develop engaging leaders by having workshops and coaching them make engaging behaviours more habitual.
  3. Select engaging leaders to fill high-impact roles. You can achieve this through psychometric assessments such as 360 reviews, to assess and predict whether someone can improve his or her engagement skills.
  4. Finally, reward the engagement you achieve.

 It’s true that we need to get serious about recognising leaders who are engaging and proactively addressing those who are not so that the engagement benefits are felt across the organisation and not just in pockets of the business.