Key Trends that Will Transform HR in the Next 10 Years

In a recent article published by on the trends that will transform the workplace and Human Resources in the next 10 years. They state that Human Resources (HR) will be the pioneering force in creating the workplace of the future.

We share with you 4 of the most important trends that they say will transform the workplace and HR over the next years.

AI and Automation

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation – we are seeing a major shift to automation and AI in industries that normally employ large numbers of employees – such as car manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food manufacturing. This poses a difficult ethical issue for employers – it is inevitable that we will see more humans being replaced by robots in many industries.

HR will need to look at the quality of output instead of the employee output and ensure that it supports an evolving workplace in a fair and supportive manner.

Virtual Reality (VR)

We are already seeing a real surge in the use of VR particularly in onboarding, training and development of employees. This is very exciting – and will lead to safer workplaces with employees being able to ‘try out’ complex and potentially dangerous 3D activities through VR initially. HR will need to embrace this and assimilate effective and affordable VR into organisations where they can add real value.

HR Technology

HR technology has been a poor relation to most other functions in business (such as Finance/Manufacturing etc.) – however HR needs to introduce and upgrade technology that will effectively improve and enhance the training, onboarding and individual employee needs going forward.

Performance Management (PM) is one example – most employers don’t really feel Performance Management works perfectly or even well for them – millennials are also showing us the way on this as they look for immediate, continuous and timely feedback from their managers. HR needs to work towards an agile and effective development approach not based on ratings but on individual potential. HR has a huge role to play in this development.


Leadership styles continue to define sectors and businesses. However, the new leadership style is collaborative, innovated and utilising technology to its maximum. HR needs to be supporting, training, coaching and developing these new leaders. By 2020, 75% of the workforce (US figures) will be millennials. So, we need to really work to the strengths of this generation.

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