It’s January 2020 – Let’s Celebrate!!

A new year, a new decade – what’ s not to celebrate, we made it!

I always reflect at this time of year on what is in store for the next 12 months, what is going to happen or not happen. Magazines, newspapers and websites are full of tips, advice and wisdom to make the next 12 months the best you will ever feel, be and exist. We are constantly being told we need to make changes to our lifestyle, appearance, environment and basically how we live.  So does this mean that every previous year we have not been at our best – can we always be and do better?

Is it not better at this time of year, when it’s dark and gloomy, to look at all the positives in our lives and build on those instead of focusing on the negatives? It’s too easy to get sucked into the latest crazes, fad diets and exercise routines which are very often unsustainable and end up being discarded quickly and simply add to feelings of negativity and failure.

This year look at what’s great in your life, what is working, what makes you smile, what makes getting up in the morning less painful.  Simple things like the smile on your child’s face as they wake up,  meeting your friends for a coffee, your daily walk in the fresh air or challenges such as getting stuck into a work project,  revamping your home, planning your next holiday whatever it is saviour them, make them happen more often and importantly be grateful.

Which is what I’m going to be focusing on this year, being thankful and happy with what I have and endeavour to enhance and grow them. No unreasonable life changes, no negativity and not feeling good enough! I’m going to start a journal, a short daily one which I hope to keep up for the year. Not only will it help focus my feelings and emotions but also my time. And if nothing else will be fun to read back on in years to come.

And we have an extra day this year the 29th of February – make the most of it!! (It’s a Saturday)

Ingrid O’Sullivan, Operations Manager