Irish Business Leaders and Social Media

In a recent survey by McCann Fitzgerald compiled by Amarach, an interesting trend has emerged that shows that Irish business leaders are using social media more than the general population. Three-quarters of 250 senior Irish business leaders and decision makers have a Facebook account, and 50 per cent are on Twitter – this is twice as many as the general population.

Equally, these leaders are using social media frequently, with 40 per cent logging onto Facebook daily, 15 per cent using Twitter daily, and 22 per cent accessing Google+ daily. LinkedIn is also used frequently, with 14 per cent logging on daily and a further 22 per cent logging on once a week.

Interestingly only 18 per cent of firms surveyed allow staff to access social media all the time, with 48 per cent offering limited access, and 18 per cent still blocking staff access completely.