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Workers from the EU who are flooding out of the UK are looking to Ireland as an escape route – but a move to the Republic will only make financial sense for a select few.

Trayc Keevans, global foreign direct investment director at Morgan McKinley told Fora her firm’s most recent employment monitor shows there has been a 12-month peak in the number of professionals registering for opportunities in Ireland.

UK-based financial services and tech professionals were the largest groups showing an interest in Ireland, while those in similar roles from the continent were also likely to be weighing a move here.

“The higher-earning professionals that are coming in, they are not experiencing the challenges that we’re reading about (housing),” Keevans said.

“Indeed research shows that global jobseekers looking for jobs in technology have not been put off by Brexit just yet.

“This suggests that Britain could keep its position as a global tech magnet in a post-Brexit world, provided that the economy continues to grow, and migration policy is sufficiently flexible to accommodate an internationally mobile skilled workforce.”

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