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The CIPD’s Labour Market Outlook and Resource and Talent Planning surveys have closely monitored the impact of Brexit on employment and workforce trends, as well as market perspectives and expectations.

The scarcity of available skills and labour, potentially exacerbated by further reductions post-Brexit once free movement comes to an end, means workforce planning and development should become a priority.

Some 52% of private sector and 38% of public sector organisations responding to CIPD’s Summer 2018 labour market survey said they were only just planning to upskill their existing workforce to address the potential skills shortage. To be able to respond in due time, employers need to assign greater urgency to undertake strategic workforce planning that will help identify the skills and knowledge required now and for the future, which in turn will help to narrow down the focus of the learning and development required.

We want to support you in getting your business HR Brexit Ready and managing the dynamics that will begin to present themselves as the transition continues.

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