HR Brexit Update

Get your Business HR Brexit Ready
Get your Business HR Brexit Ready

Abrivia 2018 Annual Salary Survey and Economic Analysis compiled data from over 7,400 client contacts and over 45,000 candidates. Here are the key findings on the questions of BREXIT:

  • People do not seem overly concerned about Brexit and its implications;
  • 42% firms agree that their supply chain will be disrupted due to Brexit;
  • ICT employers are becoming increasingly concerned about the implications of Brexit with mobility being a major worry;
  • Ireland exports around 17% of GDP to the UK;
  • Ireland exports 270k tonnes of beef to the UK, 50% of all production, representing €2.5bn per annum;
  • At present 50% of all international mail comes via the UK. 

The Brexit journey will impact all businesses, whether trading with the UK or not, the broad implications of our closest neighbour no longer being part of the EU requires a HR Brexit strategy for all businesses and especially if companies are working with an international team or client base.

We want to support you in getting your business HR Brexit Ready and managing the dynamics that will begin to present themselves as the transition continues.

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