HR Brexit Update

Get your Business HR Brexit Ready
Get your Business HR Brexit Ready

Migrate UK surveyed 1,000 organisations (SMEs with 250 or less employees to large businesses with 250+ staff), who currently hold a Tier 2/Tier 5 licence to sponsor overseas workers.

  • Companies need to get ‘house in order’ to prevent loss of talent through non-compliance before the UK exits the EU
  • Key errors in ‘right to work checks, audits and job advertisements on migrant workers – only 7% of businesses advertise vacancies correctly
  • Businesses still not aware of risks and consequences of Home Office audit/compliance check, from fines to closure

The Brexit journey will impact all businesses, whether trading with the UK or not, the broad implications of our closest neighbour no longer being part of the EU requires a HR Brexit strategy for all businesses and especially if companies are working with an international team or client base.

We want to support you in getting your business HR Brexit Ready and managing the dynamics that will begin to present themselves as the transition continues.

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